Opening Control Panel Applets

When was the last time you got stuck trying to figure out some new Windows feature.  More than likely Windows greeted you with a troubleshooter topic to "guide" you through the process.  The idea behind the troubleshooter is to suggest solutions so "you" can correct the problem. The problem usually stems from some cause and effect relationship that you don't quite understand.

This month's tip shows you how to open Control Panel applets to specific tabs in a single click. Take the following scenario:

Let's say a Help Author is attempting to create GIF files in RoboHelp HTML by pasting screen shots directly into a program window. After pressing Save, she notices the files are continually being saved with JPG extensions. How can she create GIF images? What causes this to happen?

Discussion: This phenomenon actually occurs in RoboHelp if you paste a screen shot directly into an HTML topic and press Save -- and when your screen resolution is set above 256 colors. Those familiar with image problems may know that GIF files require 256 colors or less.

Answer: Ideally, our puzzled Help author would locate the answer using a troubleshooter topic. After discovering the solution, a "Show Me" link automatically opens the Display Properties dialog box in Control Panel and switches to the correct tab so the change could be made.

Before you can create a link to a Control Panel applet, you have to understand a few basic conventions about applet dialog boxes.

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